Version 3.0.1

On this page you can read the FAQ's, Request Help for a specific problem or lab, or Report a Bug with the system.

IMPORTANT: To be able to run the ServiceBroker you must have Pop-Ups enabled.


Create a ServiceBroker Account

When you entered the ServiceBroker URL, your browser was directed to the Login webpage. If you have already created an account, you may login. To create an account select the "Register" button, which will take you to the Register webpage. Fill out the form and submit your information. Usernames must be unique for each ServiceBroker. If the username is already registered, a message will be displayed asking you to choose another username. An error message is displayed if your password and confirm password entries do not match. Once your information is complete your account will be created and you will automatically be redirected to the "My Clients" webpage.

Lost Password

If you have an account, but do not remember your password, go to the Lost Password webpage. Fill out the form and supply both username and email address. If a registered user with both username and email address is found, a new temporary password will be mailed to the email address.

Report a Bug

To report a bug, go to the Report Bug webpage. Please select the general type of problem and enter a detailed description of the problem.

Request Help

Fill out the form below to request help with the iLab system or a particular lab. Someone will respond to you shortly.

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